One Goal

If you’ve played a ball-based-team-sport, like football, netball, etc. other than snooker or Quidditch*, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of getting the ball into a goal. A goal; One goal; The goal. It’s so much easier for a team to focus on scoring if the team is aiming for a single goa (of course, there is also the goal that they need to defend, but in order to win, you must score more goals than the opposition).

Road maps should be the same. If you have a single over-arching goal then it is much easier to ensure that each initiative aligns to that goal.

You can have sub-goals, but, these too, need to align with that single over-arching goal.

Does your road map have a single goal?

For more information check out the Munro Maps documentation on SMART goals –

*Quidditch: Why would you spend any time focusing Bludgers or Quaffle? The quicker that your team can get the Golden Snitch to earn your 150 points and end the game the better (of course you have to do this before the other team scores more than 150 points or you’ll end up like Viktor Krum). I’m no Potter expert but this seems logical to me.

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