Welcome to Munro Maps!

Munro Maps was born, like many great inventions, out of necessity. Too many portfolio managers, product managers, project managers, and anyone else that needs to have some direction in their lives/product/project, are having problems creating meaningful road maps. And worse the tools that are available continually force us down the path of designing road maps that are not valuable!

Munro was chosen as the name due to the mountain theme, a mountain with a peak (or goal) that the road of initiatives and decisions are leading to. Starting at the “now house” or base camp we plan what the next step is. Then the next, then the next. All leading towards the summit.

The Now House

Munro Maps is not a product, though, one day there will hopefully be a product that can be used. Instead, it is a method, a way of producing road maps that can be used in conjunction with any tool. Dwight Eisenhower said “Plans are worthless, but planning is everything”, and it is through planning that Munro Maps can help you.

Using these ideas and taking on mathematical concepts Munro Maps was born.

Please read over the documentation and review the examples. And if you end up giving Munro Maps a go – why not also leave a comment!